Mind Management

Mind Management

How It Came To Be:

I found myself living in a grubby little studio apartment in Helsinki, Finland. It was January of 1981 and I was a VERY young 19 year old over 5,000 miles away from home for the first time in my life. The sun didn't come up until mid-morning, it was gone by 3:00 in the afternoon and there was no twilight. The darkness was inky black, and I had never felt cold like the cold of Helsinki in January! I had a roommate, but I felt so alone, so disoriented, and so vulnerable. The homesickness was almost overwhelming!

Amidst all that, one day while attempting to clean up my little space a bit, I stumbled upon a single cassette tape on the bookshelf. It was apparently left there by a prior occupant. The title caught my eye, so I plugged it into my player. As I listened to the man’s voice I was instantly captivated and I've never been the same since...

The title of that cassette was PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS by Maxwell Maltz. It was just a single tape from a series - apparently the audio version of his book, but it's the only one I had, and I could not obtain the rest of them (no Amazon to turn to back then). All I could do was listen to that one tape - So I did, over, and over, and over again. I literally wore it out!

Well, that one little tape set me upon a journey - a quest really. A quest that has seen me devour almost every "self-help" book I could find.

It wasn't long, though, before I discovered that they didn't really work. The information in them was true enough, I had researched the background and surrounding information deeply enough not to question that any more, but something was missing. I tried and tried to fill in the blanks over the next decade or so. I actually became kind of a hobbyist at self improvement. I invested big money and HUNDREDS of hours in seminars and workshops, and I networked extensively with others of like mind. It finally became clear to me that “regular people” just couldn't apply what the self help “industry” taught consistently enough to reap the rewards they promised.

Napolean Hill: THINK AND GROW RICH -



Ernest Holmes: SCIENCE OF MIND


as well as dozens of others...

All of these teach that we really aren't fundamentally different from the Mitt Romneys, J.P. Morgans, and Sam Waltons of the world. We all have the same basic hardware, the same basic opportunities, and of course, the most precious resource of all - time - is allotted to each of us exactly equally. We each get 24 hours in a day. No more, no less!

So, with all the externals being essentially equal, what separates the Super Successful from the rest of us mere mortals? All of these beloved authors came to the same conclusion - the only fundamental difference is in the way we THINK! The way we think about our world, about our situations, and about ourselves. And since that's the case, all we have to do is change the way we think, right?

Well yes, that is correct, essentially.

But wait...

If it is correct - that all we have to do is change our thinking - then why is it that there are so few "super rich" among us. Why are there still so many stuck in mediocrity at best, and grinding poverty at worst?

If MILLIONS of people are aware of this simple fact - as is evidenced by the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of copies the above authors have sold - then why don't we have MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of super rich folks wandering among us?

And that’s just one area! What about health, what about relationships, what about… ALL OF IT??

These are the questions that drove me. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING MISSING from these theories. There must be some steps missing in these processes, or more of us would be living the lives we want to live, without the unrelenting struggles that plague our daily existence.

I read their books and I tried to implement their advice. I studied and pondered and prayed and worked and kicked and fought and scratched, but my life stayed essentially the same and my frustration grew. It was almost as if I was caught in a corral within which I could move fairly freely, but from which I could not escape. (Little did I know how accurate that would prove to be!)

So, this process of searching, seeking, praying, working, trying, failing, and trying again – in every area of my life – continued for the next 30 years. All the while, I knew that I, a normal human being, was performing WAY below my potential, and so was EVERYONE around me! It was also clear that we all had a measure of freedom, but we all seemed to have restrictive parameters beyond which we could see but not venture, for any sustained period of time.

The yearning, the ache to excel swelled within me. The desire to break free of my own limitations was what I thought about when I didn’t have to think. The subject of these seemingly arbitrary personal limitations in myself and others became my favorite subject! I relished any opportunity to discuss it with anyone who cared to, and I was constantly on the lookout for additional material that promised to fill in the blanks or give me new pieces to the puzzle.

In this way, following this pattern, Providence guided me – from person to person, from book to book, from system to system. I studied and/or participated in est, Introspect, Impact, A Course In Miracles, and Holo-dynamics, among others. As someone or something brought each one to my conscious awareness and something about each one struck a chord within me I would pursue it. And with each one, I became more confident that there were significant puzzle pieces missing and, one-by-one, I was finding them! But not only that, I was finding out how they fit together! The picture hidden in the puzzle was becoming clearer week-by-week, book-by-book, new acquaintance-by-new acquaintance.

Meanwhile, I was still pursuing a “normal” life. I had a wife, kids, a mortgage, and two cars. I was pushing to build a better life for us, and I seemed to be making progress overall, but at strategic times, I’d fail. Sometimes privately and quietly, sometimes spectacularly and publicly! I just couldn’t escape what really felt like some kind of “boundary”…

At this point it was getting harder and harder to share what I understood with those around me. My wife, my kids, my normal business and social acquaintances were nowhere near “on the same page” and while we enjoyed one another’s company, my attempts at conversation on this topic seemed more and more like the mental meanderings of a true “space cadet”! I was out on the edge, quite alone, and actually, becoming quite lonely.

All the while, my desire to share what I was  learning was swelling and growing. At times I felt I was about to burst! I even sometimes prayed for opportunities to share what I had learned – What I had been shown and taught – over all these years.

Well, I’m here to witness that prayers do get answered, and sometimes He even says “Yes”!

Very slowly at first, ideas on how to share began to occur to me. I didn’t rush it. In fact, I held back because prior attempts with people who were not ready had gone quite poorly indeed. But that desire did not go away. In fact, it steadily grew stronger. I was applying what I had learned, and my life was changing in AMAZING ways. Finally I was successfully challenging my own “innate” limitations – AND OVERCOMING THEM! I could see others struggling toward very worthy objectives but making precious little progress and I KNEW that what I had would help them. I wanted to see everyone reap the same benefits I was experiencing!

Finally, and quite suddenly, a plan took shape. I could see a process through which I could guide people. A process that would not only convey an intellectual understanding of the salient points, without all the extra study and “trial & error” I had to wade through, but also provide enough experiential basis for them to actually APPLY what I could share with them.

I also recognized that I had access to a group of people who might be interested. These people were from various walks of life who were strong and productive in their own rights, but who had shared with me their frustration about patterns of difficulty in different areas of their lives while we worked together on unrelated projects. Hmm…

It suddenly became clear that all I had to do was offer it to them. Sure enough, several were intrigued enough to pursue the intellectual part of the process, and I had great fun explaining the amazing simplicity of it all. A couple of them opted out at that point. Just busy, or satisfied enough with the new information not to feel a need to go further.

Most, however, wanted more, MUCH more, and together we began to refine my basic plan into a much more polished protocol. These were the “beta testers” and I shall be forever grateful for their courage, their grace, their patience, and their determination to make real, substantive, and sustainable changes in their lives.

To all of you beta testers and the fellow travelers I’ve worked with over the years, I owe a debt of gratitude I can never fully repay. The same goes for all of you “early adapters” about to embark on this stage of your own amazing journeys.  All who participate in the Mind Management Protocol will join me in honoring you the same way!

That’s my story, in a very small nutshell, and that’s how the Mind Management Protocol came to be. I know enough about the human mind, brain, body, and spirit to know that this is NOT the ultimate answer – just like today’s cars are not the ultimate automobiles. Time lies before us, and innovation and improvement must and will occur. Those gigantic intellects who paved the way for the development of this protocol didn’t rest on their laurels, and neither will we!

So come on! It’s time to graduate to a whole new way of life. Confront your personal limitations in a whole new way, with a whole new set of tools that simply cannot fail! Then, give us your feedback and help us continue to refine, improve, and streamline the whole process. All who follow in your footsteps will be grateful to you, as will we!